About Us

Zahir Enterprises stands its ground as one the best manufacturers for
Masonic Regalia Products in Pakistan. Our expertise include producing high quality:

  •       Masonic Aprons
  •       Masonic Collars
  •       Masonic Chain Collars
  •       Masonic Cuffs
  •       Masonic Embroidery Sashes
  •       Masonic Caps
  •       Masonic Gloves
  •       Masonic Regalia Cases

And other related products. We also manufacture customized Masonic Regalia Products, as per the requirements 
of our clients. Quality concerns are our number one priority here. Each tailored product is closely monitored to make sure it fits the required standards. Our clients have always confirmed the high 
quality of our Masonic Regalia Products. A team of experts is especially assigned to conduct quality tests before the product is delivered to the client.

CEO , EMAIL : zahirenterprises26@gmail.com

MANEGING DIRECTORE EMAIL : zahirent0@gmail.com